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President Lauds KC Ford, Chides Congress

Dan Verbeck

President Barack Obama drew heavily on automotive references as he spread his economic recovery message at the Ford Plant at Liberty, MO  today.  The President also took on Congress’ pitting the debt ceiling against the Affordable Care.

The President told a crowd of mostly auto workers, their families and supporters Congress must raise the debt ceiling or fallout would make America a “deadbeat”  to the world.

According to the President,  the economy might suffer to the point people  slow down buying cars and trucks, directly affecting the auto industry. He praised Ford for adding to production and jobs at a new addition to the plant that makes the F-150 pickup truck.

The President pointed at Congress for using Obamacare as a bargaining chip more than 40 times and said the law is already providing benefits-- “ it’s helping millions of Americans including some of you or your family members you may not be aware of. You can keep your kid on your own health insurance plan until they’re 26 because of the Affordable Care Act.”

One Republican response came from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt who called the demise of ObamaCare a common sense solution to job growth.  

In a prepared response, the Missouri Republican Party claimed credit for rejuvenating the Ford Plant  in Clay County via 2010 economic development legislation.

Missouri Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has also said he was instrumental in passing the law.

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