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Kansas Senate Could Vote On Block Grants Bill Monday

A bill that would replace the school funding formula in Kansas with block grants has been speeding through the legislative process. It could stay on the fast track this week and could be on the governor’s desk in mere days.

The bill passed the House on a tight vote just over a week after it was introduced. Republican Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce says the Senate could move to simply agree to the House bill as soon as Monday. That would skip sending the bill through the normal committee process in the Senate, but Bruce says a motion to concur isn’t out of the ordinary

“It’s part of the normal process this time of year to advance bills to the governor’s desk. We’re going to look at it, see what’s in the bill and if there’s any oversights that need to be directly and immediately fixed,” says Bruce.

Critics of the bill have said this is too fast to pass something that’s so important. They’ve also complained that the plan cuts funding to some school districts.

Supporters of the bill say it gives schools more flexibility and local control when it comes to spending their money. The block grants would last for two years with the goal of giving lawmakers time to write a new formula.

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