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KCUR 89.3 Adds Two New Programs To Weekend Lineup

Nate Ryan
American Public Media
The Splendid Table host, Francis Lam

KCUR 89.3 is pleased to announce the addition of two new programs to its weekend lineup, and a group of program adjustments that we hope will provide listeners with more entertainment and information (and just perhaps, cause a mouth-watering trip to their local food purveyor).

We tested four programs with the KCUR audience, and two of them received your highest marks: the popular podcast-turned-broadcast duo Planet Money and How I Built This (the two programs will share a one-hour slot) – and the long-established food show The Splendid Table.


As we bring on these new programs, we are also shifting programs to better serve listeners: At noon on Saturday, following the quiz show Ask Me Another, join host Glynn Washington for his wildly popular, storytelling-with-a-beat show Snap Judgment, which moves from its noon Sunday slot. At 1 p.m., get ready for the economy explained, with stories and surprise,  on the broadcast version of Planet Money and its natural-pairing How I Built This – a weekly inside view of innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the movements they built.

Sunday will see some changes as well. Humankind recently announced that they were ceasing production of their weekly show, in its place KCUR will provide an additional 30 minutes of world news from the BBC until 6:30 a.m. New Letters on the Air will shift its start time to 6:30 a.m. Later in the morning after you’ve had your laugh during Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, stick around for The Moth Radio Hour at noon ​and TED Radio Hour at 1 p.m.

At 2 pm, join us for The Splendid Table, a radio program for people who love to eat. Each week host Francis Lam will take you on a culinary adventure, examining the culture, the science, the history, the back stories and the deeper meanings that come together every time people sit down to enjoy a meal. We think foodies in Kansas City will enjoy breaking bread with The Splendid Table.

Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback. We hope you enjoy KCUR’s new weekend schedule – and additionally, we hope you’ll let us know what you think at

A toast – to great radio!

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