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Not-so-mean weed-eating machines

Greenfield Robotics, a Kansas-based company, developed robots to take on a labor-intensive process: cutting weeds down. Plus: The fur industry has a long history in the state of Missouri, and trappers want to make sure they're conserving the state's resources and traditions.

Three yellow, bug-like creatures crawl in perfectly straight lines across the dead grass of a flat, brown February field in Cheney, Kansas. These are the namesake of GreenField Robotics. Celia Hack with the Kansas News Service explores why GreenField CEO Clint Brauer is attempting to move away from the use of herbicides by way of farming robots.

More than 100 people gathered for a recent auction at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in mid-Missouri. Fur trappers from all corners of the state brought their wares from last year’s trapping season, including the pelts and glands of raccoons, otters, beavers and bobcats. KBIA's Rebecca Smith has the story of how Missourians are keeping the state tradition of fur trapping alive.

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