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Kansas City non-profit says workers with disabilities can do everyday jobs and proves it

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Romia Hall
Courtesy of Alphapointe
Romia Hall was blinded at the age of 30. He now operates a CAP machine at Alphapointe's manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

Employers could have skilled, dependable workers for accommodations as simple as Braille stickers on work items.

October is National Disability Employee Awareness Month, highlighting the fact that people with disabilities can do jobs that most people do, they just might do them a bit differently.

Up to 70% of the disabled population is unemployed. For those dealing with worker shortages, hiring people with disabilities may be the answer.

Reinhard Mabry is the CEO at Alphapointe, an organization that has been empowering people who are blind and visually impaired since 1911.

He believes "people who are blind are a talented pool of candidates for any job in your organization," adding that "they would be tremendous employees with a great work ethic and with a low turnover rate."

Mabry should know. Beside offering rehabilitation services, Alphapointe employs hundreds of disabled people in its manufacturing and call center facilities.

"You would be delighted to have them," Mabry promises, adding, "we would be excited to be able to help you meet them and get to know how they can help fit to your organization."

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