Seg. 1: Royals' John Sherman | Seg. 2: Echlin Sports | KCUR

Seg. 1: Royals' John Sherman | Seg. 2: Echlin Sports

Dec 19, 2019

Segment 1: Royals' new owner knows "Kansas City fans are incredibly engaged."

Kansas City businessman John Sherman is in his third week as owner of  the Kansas City Royals. He's been working on getting to know the staff and to "get a little flavor for the culture." Sherman spoke about what the revenue from a new TV contract will mean for the team and when it comes to construction of a stadium downtown said, "there's a lot of things to think about, relative to whether or not we can make that happen." 

Segment 2, beginning at 23:39: High points in Kansas City sports in 2019

Greg Echlin shared his analysis of the Royals' and Chiefs' 2019 seasons noting that John Sherman's aquisition of the Royals is "the best thing for Kansas City" and acknowledged how much good previous owner David Glass did throughout town.  As for the Chiefs' Super Bowl prospects this year, Echlin noted that they're "marching toward that possibility again."

  • Greg Echlin, sports contributor, KCUR