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Shariah Law, Freedom Is Now, Border War

Feb 20, 2012

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Documentary Tells Story Of KC's First African American Political Club

Emiel Cleaver, son of former mayor and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, talks about his new documentary, Freedom is Now. The film tells how the black community came together to battle racism, organized crime and intimidation to gain political representation.

Shariah In The Midwest

In the last year, a movement to limit or outlaw Shariah, or Islamic Law, has been gaining momentum in the United States. Legislators in Kansas, Missouri and 18 other states have signed petitions saying they need to prevent the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. Meanwhile, critics are trying to change this tide by changing perceptions of what Shariah Law really is.  

Free Clinics Ask For Donations

Free health clinics have long been caring for people who have no health coverage and limited resources to pay for private care.  That’s why services are mostly free.  But a down economy and growing demand has many clinics – including a Kansas City mainstay - reassessing. 

Can Peace Break Out Between Missouri And Kansas?

Whether you’re a Kansas Jayhawk or Missouri Tiger, the end of college rivalry between the two schools will be the end of an era. Hear how some fans around town are holding up now that the "Border War" may be no more.