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Nature in the City: Songbirds, Spring Peepers & Wildflowers

On this Thursday's Central Standard, we take a look at Nature in the City in it's most colorful season.

Join us as we jam out to the mating calls of Spring Peeper frogs, discuss shockingly beautiful flowering trees and wildflowers, and learn where to safely find morel mushrooms. Learn more about what's peeping up in your own backyard with our hosts, Larry Rizzo, natural history biologist, and Joe Werner, biologist and urban ecologist.

Our listeners responded in fervor with calls, emails, and comments. Here's the dish on Kansas City's most pressing nature questions:

Sergio called about some garter snake issues, and asked for advice about keeping them out of his home. 

"Garter snakes are pretty common around people's yards, they're emerging this time of year," Larry warns. "I don't know how much I can guarantee you can keep them from your home, they can fit into very small opening. Eliminate habitat in your yard, particularly if it's close to your home or your foundation, piles of leaves or brush or anything like that."

Paul in Overland Park called in with squirrel problems, and asked where he could transport squirrels to be more humane.

Our experts advised to avoid moving around wildlife--you don't want to disrupt other animal's habitats. Usually, the pesky squirrels are attracted to the overabundance of nut trees in the city. Larry and Joe did let us know some people have been going to (occasionally-humane) extremes, and making their own squirrel catapults

Listener Patty mentioned that mockingbirds are starting to sing all over Kansas City, and our hosts mentioned their songs are used to establish territory.

Listen in to the whole show to find out about these topics, as well as all the other questions that come from being a nature-lover in the city.

What’s been going on outside your window? What mysterious critters have you pondered over, or found in unexpected places, during our early spring? Leave us a comment below, or send an e-mail to centralstandard@kcur.org.