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Central Standard

Computer Guys: Apps & Tablets

It is expected that there will be 68.5 million more tablets in this world by the end of this year, providing roughly $29.1 billion in sales

And each one of these tablets is power by apps.  With this much money at stake it is little surprise that two of the biggest technology news items of the year involved Google’s battle with Apple over Map applications and new tablet releases from Google, Microsoft and Apple. Apps and Tablets go hand to hand and of course in the global marketplace battles ensue.  We ask what tablets and apps do you use and why?

The Computer Guys, Thom O'Brien and George Costello, join Central Standard to determine just what impact the tablet has had on our lives and how the multi-billion dollar industry has become the battle ground of the largest corporations on earth.  Also, while there may only be several dozen tablets to chose from there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps to potentially take advantage of, the computer guys will help us make sense of this incredible marketplace.

Matthew Long-Middleton has been a talk-show producer, community producer, Media Training Manager and now the Community Engagement Manager at KCUR. You can reach him at Matthew@kcur.org, or on Twitter @MLMIndustries.