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Railroads And The Development Of Kansas City

America’s love affair with the railroad spans more than a century … with some of its most ardent admirers here in the heartland.

One of them, developer Arthur Stilwell had a hunch that the Kansas City region had enormous commercial potential.  Luckily for him … and for us … he was right.  The plan Stilwell pursued changed our city’s business landscape forever.

Landon Rowland,  former president of  Kansas City Southern Industries, is here to talk about the ambitious railroad man who launched KC into the 20th Century as one of the nation’s most vital transportation hubs. 

Learn more about the topic on Landon Rowland's website, or attend his talk titled The Role of Railroads in Kansas City's Development at 2 p.m. on March 18 at the central branch of the Kansas City Public Library. RSVP online.

Landon Rowland is chairman emeritus of Janus Capital Group. He joined Kansas City Southern Industries in 1980, became president and chief operating officer in 1983 and chief executive officer in 1987, continuing in that capacity until 2000.  During his service as president and chief executive officer of KCSI, company’s transportation division, Kansas City Southern Railway, acquired several other railways. He is chairman of the Local Investment Commission and of the Metropolitan Performing Arts Fund. He is a trustee of the Linda Hall Library, the Midwest Research Institute, the Liberty Memorial Association and the Committee for Economic Development. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College in 1959 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Harvard Law School in 1962.

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