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Seg. 1: We Can All Be Part Of The 'New Power.' Seg. 2: Color, Design And Your Well-Being.

Social Good Week
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Jeremy Heimans, founder of the social strategy firm Purpose, says ownership and transparency are increasingly valued within activist movements.

Segment 1: How hyper-connectivity and technology have democratized power.

Our world has changed a lot in the 21st century. New technologies like Twitter and KickStarter have enabled worldwide social movements. But how does this new power work?  One activist described the ways public influence is shifting, and what it might mean for our future.

Segment 2 beginning at 22:26: How choice and application of colors in our spaces affect us.

Anyone who's ever painted a house can tell you: the hues on our walls are important. But their effect goes beyond aesthetics to change the ways we think and feel.  Today, we spoke with a local interior design authority about how harnessing color and design can increase your overall health and happiness.

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