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Seg. 1: German Prison Model | Seg. 2: LGBTQ Archive Anniversary

Segment 1: Germany's prisons emphasize rehabilitation and resocialization for their inmates.

Germany is doing a lot of things differently than the U.S. when it comes to criminal justice, and they've got a lower inceration rate to show for it. In prisons there, staff are trained in things like psychology and communication, and they're paid just as much as police officers. This is all to promote a reintegration approach, which focuses on returning inmates back into their communities. 

Segment 2, starting at 24:13: Gay and lesbian archives showcase Kansas City's role in the national LGBTQ rights movement

When it comes to early LGBTQ activism the Midwest might not readily come to mind, but Kansas City has a rich history. We learned about the planning conference that took place here a full three years before the Stonewall riots, and how it proved crucial in uniting activists from across the nation. 

The Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid-America will open a new exhibit of highlights from a decade of preserving the LGBTQ heritage of Kansas City from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10, at the Miller Nichols Library, 3rd Floor, 800 E. 51st St., Kansas City, Missouri 64112. For more information, go to

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