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Seg. 1: Preventing School Shootings | Seg. 2: KC Symphony's Michael Stern

Segment 1: Two area schools discuss their approach to preventing on-campus shootings, and protecting students

Students across the country live in fear that the next mass shooting might happen on their campus. Today, we hear how two school jurisdictions think about the safety and security of their students, and what steps they can and can't take to keep the next tragedy from happening on their watch.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:09: Kansas City Symphony's music director is closing in on his last few years in the post.

Michael Stern has been credited for playing an intrumental role in raising the profile of the Kansas City Syphony. As he approaches the last few years of his tenure, he discusses the remaining goals he's pursuing and the importance of carrying that momentum forward, after his contract ends in 2023.

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