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Seg. 1: 'Tough Love' (R) | Seg. 2: Fear Of Death (R) | Seg. 3: Granny Basketball (R)

Segment 1: "Tough love, to me, means you love fiercely but not uncritically," said Susan Rice. 

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice recounted stories of her time as the 24th national security advisor, and what it was like to work so closely with President Barack Obama. Today, we take a second listen to a conversation on some of the best and worst things she saw during her time in Washington.

Segment 2, beginning at 19:18: The shadow of death shapes more than just our funeral plans.

It's a grim topic, but the knowledge of our eventual death influences so many of the decisions we make — from who we vote for to the sports teams for which we root. We revisited a conversation with an NPR correspondent and podcast host about the phenomenon of "terror-management theory" and his wildly popular podcast, Hidden Brain.

  •  Shankar Vedantam, social science correspondent for NPR and host of Hidden Brain

Segment 3, beginning at 34:12: Basketball is for everyone — even grannies.

Gone are the days of the highly-anticipated Border War games between the Universities of Missouri and Kansas, but the rivalry is still alive and well in the form of Granny Basketball. We doubled back to this conversation with a few local members of the league, to talk about its history and current state.

  • Michele Clark, coach of the Kansas Prarie Storm
  • Laura McAllister, former player for the Missouri Shooting Stars & current referee
  • Barb Trammell, founder and league president of Granny Basketball
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