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Seg. 1: Accessing Medical Marijuana | Seg. 2: Segregated Neighborhoods' Legacy

Segment 1: Missouri looks to start opening medical marijuana dispensaries in June.

Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services has issued licenses for 192 medical marijuana dispensaries since a voter approved initiative for medical cannabis passed in 2018. Once patients are able to start purchasing, and in some cases growing, the product, the state could look to issue more dispensary licenses based on supply and demand.

  • Lyndall Fraker, director of medical marijuana for Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Segment 2, beginning at 10:11: Segregating neighborhoods was aided by the federal government for decades.

It's been over 50 years since the Equal Housing Act was passed, but many of America's major cities remain racially divided. Historian Richard Rothstein explained the explicit government policies designed to ensure the separation of African Americans from whites, the effects of which are still being felt today. 

Richard Rothstein will speak at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at Arrupe Hall Auditorium at Rockhurst University, 1100 Rockhurst Rd., Kansas City, Missouri 64110. More information is at

Steve Kraske is the host of KCUR's Up To Date. Follow him on Twitter @stevekraske.