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Top Of The Morning News: Friday, May 18, 2012

A council committee endorses Mayor Sly James’ Tax proposal.  Brownback urges lawmakers to pass a tax cut compromise.  KCUR names Nico Leone as the next general manager.   That and more news from KCUR

Council Endorses Mayor’s Tax Plan

Kansas City voters are likely to be asked to swap motor vehicle “city stickers” and some special property taxes fpr a 1/2-cent sales tax increase.   Mayor Sly James says the plan will raise millions but cost the average resident almost nothing.  Read more of the detailshere.

Brownback Urges Lawmakers To Pass Tax Cut Compromise

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is pushing lawmakers to pass a tax-cutting compromise. It's an alternative to a massive tax-cutting bill that's already sitting on the governor's desk, awaiting his signature.  Brownback says he will sign it, unless a different version is approved.  Find out morehere.

Closed Kansas City Steel Plant Become Focus Of Presidential Campaign

About two dozen union men and women, supporters of President Obama’s reelection, went to the gates of a closed Kansas City steel plant to attack economic policies of Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.  The GST Steel plant closed in 1995 after takeover by Romney’s Bain Capital investment firm.  Some 750 people lost their jobs.  That is the focus of a new attack ad by the campaign team for President Barack Obama.  Find out more about the local effects here.

KCUR Names New General Manager

KCUR has announced new station leadership.  Nico Leone will take over from longtime KCUR general manager Patty Cahill.  She’s retiring after 25 years.  Listen to an interview with Leone here