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Office Of Community Complaints | Preserving Civil War Flags

Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith in uniform is seated at a table leaning in to listen to the protester in white T-shirt, ball cap and a black ski mask seated across from him.
Julie Denesha
KCUR 89.3
In the wake of George Floyd protests on the Plaza, citizen oversight of the Kansas City Police Department has come into question. Police Chief Rick Smith is shown here during conversations with protesters on June 3.

The independent oversight agency that handles grievances against the Kansas City Police Department is often criticized, and why the Kansas Historical Society is restoring Civil War battle flags from Northern and Southern states.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:50: How Kansas City's civilian staffed oversight agency works.

A long-standing controversy involving the Kansas City Police Department has to do with its oversight from the Office of Community Complaints. The office is responsible for following up on complaints against law enforcement officers, but critics say they too rarely render judgments against the actions of officers and are raising questions about how effective and fair it is.

Segment 2, beginning at 36:10: Is there a right way to preserve and display Confederate flags?

The Fourth of July is coming up, a day full of flag pride. There’s always one flag that causes controversy though — the Confederate battle flag. A curator explained why one such flag is included in the Kansas Historical Society's Save the Flags project that is restoring and preserving Civil War flags captured by Kansas troops

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