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Don't Stop Cleaning | Harmony Project KC | Tax Breaks Costing KCPS | Daily Kansan Editorial

University of Kansas
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An editorial in the student newspaper at the University of Kansas accuses the university of restarting in-person classes this week for financial reasons, and risking the students' health.

Cleaning is still very important to stopping the spread of the coronavirus, a Kansas City program is now offering free digital music lessons, tax breaks are costing Kansas City Public Schools tens of millions of dollars a year, and a student newspaper editorial says the University of Kansas should reverse course on in-person classes.

Segment 1, beginning at 3:48: Cleaning is still very important to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Social distancing and mask wearing are paramount, but it doesn't mean you should stop cleaning. Even if its efficacy is debatable, the coronavirus is much easier to kill than other viruses, and, psychologically, it's something you have full control over.

  • Dr. Gene Olinger, principal science adviser for MRIGlobal

Segment 2, beginning at 18:24: How a Kansas City program is teaching music lessons remotely during the pandemic.

Harmony Project KC provides free music lessons to 250 children, grades 6-12. Now in its fifth year, it recently had to pivot quickly from in-person to digital lessons. Students say the lessons help them calm down and communicate better.

Segment 3, beginning at 33:40: "(Tax) incentives are done to us, not with us," said Kansas City Public Schools' Shannon Jaax.

Tax abatements cost Kansas City Public Schools roughly $1,200 per student in 2018. The Kansas City Council is now looking at possible changes to how tax incentives are decided, including allowing school districts a say in those decisions, but they face an uphill battle at City Hall.

Segment 4, beginning at 50:26: A student newspaper editorial is asking the University of Kansas to reverse course on in-person classes.

The editorial in the University Daily Kansan accuses the University of Kansas of restarting in-person classes this week for economic reasons, risking the health of students. The editorial hasn't received much of a response from university officials.

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