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Missouri Secretary Of State | Staying Focused Virtually | Police Interactions & Political Engagement

Carlos Moreno
KCUR 89.3
Research by a University of Kansas professor found that negative interactions with police can make you less likely to vote.

Jay Ashcroft is overseeing elections and running for reelection, a new app aims to help students stay on-task and a KU researcher says traumatic interactions with police make you less likely to vote.

Segment 1: Missouri's Secretary of State is confident about the integrity of the election system the state has in place.

Jay Ashcroft says after weathering three elections with the new mail-in and absentee voting rules in place, he feels ready for November 3 and says he's keeping tabs on potential election interference so Missourians don't have to. As for his reelection campaign, Ashcroft brushed aside criticism from his Democratic opponent that he is not closely attuned to the needs of Missourians.

Segment 2, beginning at 15:21: A new app helps students stay focused while learning virtually.

Researchers at the University of Kansas created I-Connect to help students self-monitor their productivity from home to help them stay on-task. Its use could also extend to those working from home. The new app currently has 500 users and growing.

  • Howard Wills, I-Connect lead developer and associate research professor of educational psychology at the University of Kansas

Segment 3, beginning at 27:07: The more contact you have with the police, the less likely you are to vote or engage in politics.

A study conducted by KU researcher Brandon Davis reveals that the impact of interactions with law enforcement on well-being and political involvement can be great. Davis says traumatic incidents with the police can have a lasting impact on whether you register to vote or even vote at all.

  • Brandon Davis, assistant professor of public affairs & administration at the University of Kansas
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