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Kansas Ends Eviction Moratorium | Malcolm Garcia's 'Uneasy Encounters'

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Central American migrants face a difficult journey northward.

What the ending of state and federal eviction moratoriums means for Kansas tenants, and understanding the wave of immigration through the stories of those living in Mexico and Central American countries.

Segment, beginning at 1:00: The CDC’s eviction moratorium made it possible for people to remain in their homes this far into the pandemic.

Even though the CDC's moratorium is in effect through the end of June, the state of Kansas recently lifted its eviction moratorium, putting thousands of Kansans at risk of becoming homeless. According to Maria White with the non-profit organization Avenue of Life, "We have had an uptick on our homeless population because of the evictions." Even so, there are resources available to assist Kansas residents who may face being put out of their homes.

Segment, beginning at 26:32: Vice President Kamala Harris was in Guatemala with a blunt-force message for would-be migrants to the United States: “Do not come.”

The Vice President's message is unlikely to stem the tide of immigrants. Author Malcom Garcia sheds light on why with stories about the horrors of day-to-day life for some people living in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

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