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The Many Reasons Kansas City Powers KCUR

It’s pledge drive week at KCUR.

That means asking the public to support Kansas City’s public radio station, but it also involves a celebration of KCUR and its members.

All week, we asked, “Why do you power KCUR?” online, on the air and via social media.  

Your fired back your favorite news and talk shows.

You cited all of the “driveway moments” from features on local and national news.

“I like staying in the ‘KCUR Community Loop,’” Debby Flores tells us on Facebook.  

Whatever the reason, we are so happy to have you. On behalf of the whole station, thank you for powering KCUR.

We couldn’t bring you the programming that’s become a part of your daily life without generous members like you.

(It’s not too late to pledge your gift.)  

We shared many of your “power KCUR” messages on the air this week, but see the highlights below from the online conversation.

For the full Twitter stream, follow the #PowerKCUR hashtag.  

Tell KCUR is part of a new initiative to engage the community and shine a light on your experiences and opinions. We’ll ask a new question every week and then share your feedback on the air and online. See our arsenal of questions — and your answers.

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