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Ford Cancels Claycomo Shift Scheduled During Strike Deadline

UAW Local 249

With a possible strike looming, Ford's Claycomo assembly plant has canceled the day shift on Sunday, when the United Auto Worker's Union has threatened to strike the plant. 

The UAW has threatened to strike Ford’s Claycomo assembly plant at noon. The company had scheduled a shift of workers on duty at that time, as part of a program of mandatory overtime to keep up with demand for Ford’s popular F-150 pickups.

A Ford spokesperson says the overtime was simply unnecessary.

But workers at Ford’s only other F-150 plant in Dearborn, Michigan were notified this week that they will be working this Sunday instead. Evening work at Claycomo is scheduled to go on as normal, unless there’s a strike.

Ford and the union are at odds over working conditions in the plant here, where workers say temperatures can hit 115 degrees, resulting in heat seizures and other health issues. They also say the bathrooms are terrible, and claim that Ford has been unwilling to consider their complaints.

With more than 7,000 employees, Claycomo is one of Ford’s biggest and most lucrative plants.  Both its products, the F-150 pickup and the Transit Van, are selling briskly.  

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