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The World Cup is coming to Kansas City

Kansas City will be one of 11 U.S. host cities in the 2026 World Cup. Plus, venison donated to food pantries could contain trace amounts of lead — but in Kansas and Missouri, you won't get a warning.

FIFA officials announced on Thursday that Kansas City is among the cities selected to host soccer matches in the world’s biggest singular-sports event: the 2026 World Cup tournament.

Midwestern hunters often donate extra game meat, such as venison, to food banks. Even after being processed, this venison could still contain lead. The Midwest Newsroom's Samantha Horton reports how this contaminated meat could harm children.

Bison have a lean meat but the wild animal is hard to raise on a farm. Cattle are tame but produce a meat that's high in fat. Enter, the beefalo. Harvest Public Media’s Jonathan Ahl reports the benefits and difficulties of getting this niche meat onto people's plates.

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