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White Hat Hackers Stand Up To Cyberbullies

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Ethical hackers from the group The Great LonDini watch for and report cyberbullying.

The suicide of a child with autism spurred one hacker to track down the online bullies who targeted the young boy.

An ethical hacker, who goes by the name "Leo," was asked by a friend to uncover the identities of bullies who targeted his son who died by suicide.

"The amount of cyberbullying and hate and vitriol that's on these apps kind of took me by surprise," Leo said.

He then founded The Great LonDini, a group of roughly 300 ethical hackers, who work to report or ban social media users involved in bullying, harassment, scams and threatening behavior.

Of the people involved with the nearly 5000 accounts The Great LonDini has targeted, "about 90 percent of that have been between the ages of 9 and 15," Leo said.

Leo provides information to help parents deal with online bullying, whether their child is the victim or the perpetrator.

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