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'Anti-Smurfing' Campaign Targets Meth Cook Suppliers

Mar 13, 2013

Missouri holds the dubious distinction of being #1 in domestic methamphetamine production. State Attorney General Chris Koster and Jean Peters Baker, the Jackson County Prosecutor, unveiled an effort to curb meth by shaming people who help drug producers get around limits on pseudoephedrine sales.  


Pseudoephedrine, which is found in some cold medicines, is a key ingredient in meth. The state has long limited individual sales of such cold medicines. But, some people buy their limit of the medicines, and turn around to sell the pills to meth producers. That’s called “smurfing."

The PR campaign, a series of posters to be hung in pharmacies across the state, aims to remind would-be smurfers that the practice is against the law and that it contributes to the suffering of meth addicts and their families.