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Central Standard

Multi-Generational Living (Encore)

Until recently, living in your parents' basement might have been viewed with some derision. Now, more families have been stacking two, three, even four generations under one roof. On this encore episode of Central Standard, we take a close look at the growth of multi-generational living in Kansas City. 


  • Lindsay Baker, UMKC's Consortium for Aging in Community
  • Ann Brandau-Murguia, city commissioner, Argentine neighborhood
  • Lois Richey, local resident who lives in a home with her son and grandchildren
  • Emily Bordner, local resident who moved back in with her mom
Gina Kaufmann is the host of KCUR’s Central Standard, a talkshow fueled by curiosity and critical thinking. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.
Matthew Long-Middleton has been a talk-show producer, community producer and now is the Media Training Manager with America Amplified. You can reach him at, or on Twitter.
Suzanne Hogan is contributing announcer, producer and reporter for KCUR 89.3. She also hosts and produces the podcast, A People’s History of Kansas City. Reach her at