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Seg.1: Levees Worsen Flooding | Seg. 2: Guadalupe Center's Centennial

Segment 1: Embankments necessary for flood managment can also have adverse affects.

Levees offer a sense of security but little regulation on their construction means they can actually make flooding worse for towns and farmland upriver.  Set-back levees found in Europe allow more room for rivers to run but their cost has slowed adoption of the system in the U.S. 

Segment 2, beginning at 23:37: The Guadalupe Center has served Latinos on Kansas City's west side since 1919.

Railroad work brought large numbers of Mexican immigrants to Kansas Ciy where they faced discrimination and poverty. The Guadalupe Center was founded to help the newcomers assimilate to American life in Kansas City. Today, the centers operate schools for 1,400 students and offer social services to the Latinx community.

"Guadalupe Centers: A Century of Serving the Latino Community", 2 p.m. Sunday. May 19 at the Kansas City Central Library, 14 West 10th St., Kansas City, Missouri 64105. For more information visit The Kansas City Public Library

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