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Seg. 1: 4th District Council Debates | Seg. 2 Eugenics & American Immigration

Segment 1: 4th District candidates for Kansas City Council.

Kansas City firefighter Geoff Jolley and co-founder of BikeWalkKC Eric Bunch are competing for the 4th District City Council seat vacated by mayoral candidate Jolie Justus. Both look to make the city safer and more responsive to residents, but the top priorities for the 4-year term look different for each.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:56: Eugenics and America's harshest immigration law.

When Calvin Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of 1924, it was the culmination of years of campaigning by those in the American eugenics movement. The events leading up to that occassion might seem familiar to Americans today who see a resurgence of anti-immigrant sentiment and authoritarian leaders throughout the world.

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