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Kansas City Adds Another Interstate

Sep 17, 2012

You might have noticed a few changes while driving along US 71 Highway. For instance, you may have realized while traveling south that the sign for Grandview has been replaced with a sign for Joplin. This is but one of several changes that will take place over the next few months for US 71, which will soon become Interstate 49.

The new interstate should be completed in November, with the official unveiling coming December 12 at 12 p.m. That’s 12-12-12-12 for those scoring at home.

The new highway will stretch 180 miles from New Orleans to Manitoba. Susan Wilson spoke with MODOT’s  Chris Matlock, the project manager for Interstate Highway 49, about why the new interstate is needed. Wilson also spoke with Christ Gutierrez, president of SmartPort—a non profit organization that promotes economical development—about what the changes could mean economically for KC.  
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