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Film: '13 Midnights' | Food Critics: Fall Favorites

13 Midnights
Kansas City film producer Steve Searcy channels Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling as the narrator of "13 Midnights."

A Kansas City producer's new movie tells 13 eerie real-life stories and the food critics recommend great fall restaurant dishes in Kansas City.

Segment 1: A new thriller based on true stories explores the horror of the unknown.

All the spooky tales in "13 Midnights" are based on actual conversations Kansas City filmmaker Steve Scearcy has had with the people who experienced them. At a time when many seasonal rites of passage have been canceled, Scearcy likes to think he's "saving Halloween."

  • Steve Scearcy, producer, writer and director of "13 Midnights"

Segment 2, beginning at 20:29: If ever there was an autumn that calls for culinary solace, it would be this one.

It's finally comfort food season when warm and filling dishes make their seasonal appearance. Whether you're pumpkin spice obsessed or in it for the root vegetables, the KCUR food critics have something for everyone in their recommendations for the best pastries, pastas and soups fall fall.

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