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Akin Defends 'Unladylike' Comment

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Frank Morris

Representative Todd Akin, the Republican challenging Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill in this election, was on the defensive again today in Kansas City. Protesters gathered outside an Akin press conference shouting "Not our choice!" The candidate himself proudly admitted once being arrested at a demonstration against abortion.

"Probably about 25 years ago, or so, I was involved in some peaceful protests," says Akin. "As I’ve made very clear, I don’t apologies for being pro-life. I stand up for the things I believe in."

He didn’t offer any other details. Akin also defended his characterization of Senator McCaskill as “unladylike” in last week’s Senate debate.

"Well, look, we’ve got a couple of words in the English language: a gentleman and a lady," says Akin. "In the president we have the first lady, in churches there’s a first lady. I think those are pretty self-explanatory terms, and I was using them just as the English language uses those terms."

Akin went on to say that McCaskill’s voting record was more offensive than any of his words. He has apologized for suggesting that women have a biological defense against pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape."

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