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Black Mothers More Likely To Die From Pregnancy-Related Causes

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Black women die from pregnancy-related causes significantly more than other groups. Why? And what's being done about it?

According to the CDC, Black women are almost 2.5 times more likely to die from causes linked to pregnancy than their white counterparts. Although increased diversity in the medical field is needed to create change, Hakima Payne says that doesn't solve the whole problem.

"I think that diversity is a beginning solution, but it's certainly not the entire solution," Payne says. "Even Black doctors and nurses are socialized into white-centric ethics and beliefs around health care."

  • Tracy Russell, executive director, Nurture KC
  • Hakima Payne, CEO, Uzazi Village
  • Daysha Lewis, Black mother who experienced pregnancy-related complications
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Reginald David is an assistant producer with Up To Date.
Trevor Grandin is an intern for KCUR's Up To Date.