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Women's group points to Kansas as future leader in the battle against climate change

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A landscape photograph of gentle hills with a shallow gully running through the middle to the horizon and all covered in short green grass. Directly above are blue skies with a line of clouds on the horizon.
John P Salvatore
Wikimedia Commons
The open space of the Kansas prairies make the state a good location for wind and solar production.

Mothers Out Front fights for clean energy to insure a healthy future for children.

The high winds and dry conditions that drove massive wildfires across Kansas in December are worsening as the climate changes.

According to Mothers Out Front, a national nonprofit looking to secure livable conditions for future generations, combating the climate crisis could come through the strategic placement of renewable energy farms in Kansas.

Kansas' prairies have deep root systems able to sequester carbon. That, along with the state's abundance of sun and wind, make it uniquely positioned to become a leader in green energy production, according to Susan Alig, a leader with the organization's Kansas City chapter.

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