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Things Kansas Citians Would Try To Save From A Tornado

Wikimedia -- CC

What do rosaries, guitars and “Lord of the Rings” DVD box sets have in common?

They’re all objects that Kansas Citians said they would try to save if a tornado was on the way.

Given this week’s severe tornadoes across the United States, we used social media and the airwaves to ask you: What would you grab if a tornado was approaching?

We don’t advocate spending a lot of time scooping up material items if an incoming tornado is close to your home.

But we were curious about what you would snag if you had time on the way down to your basement or other tornado shelter.

Many people cited passports, photos, genealogy information and other legal documents they thought would be hard to replace.

“I would really love to take my keepsake photos with me, but when it’s only a matter of minutes, I would just make sure that my loved ones are out of danger,” Priscilla Subramaniyam tells us on Facebook.

Others latched onto keepsakes of another sort.

Credit Courtesy / Mindy Landeck
Mindy Landeck
Mindy Landeck tells us on Facebook that if a tornado were coming, she would grab this flash drive, which has half of her doctoral dissertation saved on it.

 “A 8Gb flash drive that has my half-completed doctoral dissertation and scanned sources collected in Japan on it. It contains the results of more than six years of blood, sweat & tears!” Mindy Landeck writes on Facebook.

See the highlights from the Twitter conversation below.

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