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Seg. 1: India's View Of KC. Seg. 2: Holographs Train Med Students. Seg. 3: Bernie Sanders On Kansas.

UMKC student Ravi Anand Naidu wearing headphones and seated in front of a microphone at KCUR studios.
Luke X. Martin
KCUR 89.3
Ravi Anand Naidu came to the U.S. from Hyderabad, India, a year and a half ago to study at UMKC.

Segment 1: Does Kansas City have a bad reputation within the Indian community? 

Indian nationals coming to America often have to worry about immigration hurdles and racism. Two violent incidents since 2017 in the Kansas City metro have added violence to their list of concerns. Most recently, Sharath Koppu, a UMKC student from India was shot and killed during a robbery at the restaurant where he worked. Today, representatives of the Indian community revealed their views of living here.

Segment 2, starting at 21:40: How medical schools are using holographic technology to teach students. 

Technology is changing the way we approach a lot of things, including how medical students learn to become doctors. Instead of using cadavers for anatomy class and practicing procedures for the first time on real patients, virtual reality and haptic technology allows students to view and work with holographic images. A new simulation center at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences will use this new equipment in its a simulation center currently under construction. We learned how the technology works, and how it can revolutionize training future medical professionals. 

Segment 3, starting at 40:41: Sen. Bernie Sanders on campaigning in Kansas. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, but he's using the profile he built to support congressional candidates around the nation. He'll be at campaign rallies including one for Brent Welder in Kansas City, Kansas, who's trying to unseat Congressman Kevin Yoder. The senator told us what he expects to see out of November's mid-term election, and if he's thinking about another presidential run in 2020.

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