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Seg. 1: COVID-19 Myths & Facts | Seg. 2: Truman's Crisis Leadership | Seg. 3: Pandemic Gardening

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Former President Harry Truman was thrust into the White House amid great global turmoil. Could his leadership style hold any keys to success in modern pandemic governance?

Segment 1: What we know about COVID-19, and what we don't

A lot is unknown about the novel coronavirus currently circulating the globe, giving rise to myths about how it spreads, how to keep it from spreading and how to reduce one's chances of getting infected. We asked an infectious disease specialist to clear up some common misconceptions.

Segment 2, beginning at 16:05: Former President Harry Truman seems to be having a modern-day "moment."

The first four months of Truman’s administration saw the Nazi surrender, the liberation of concentration camps, the controversial decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the end of World War II. Can his leadership skills through that turmoil teach us something about navigating times of crisis?

Segment 3, beginning at 32:00: Cooped-up growers-to-be are finding relief in working a garden.

It's still safe to work a hoe if that's what helps you unwind, but there are some precautions you should take to make sure you're not promoting the spread of COVID-19. Bring your own gloves and tools, for one, and if you use a community garden, make sure to keep your distance from fellow green-thumbs.

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