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Meat Industry Turmoil | Quarantining Alone | Craft Brewery Survival | Newest Kauffman Scholar

Four glasses of craft-brewed beers on a wooden tray.
The drop in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in layoffs at some small Kansas City craft brewers, and curbside service in an attempt to weather the shutdown.

Segment 1, beginning at 4:10: The problems coronavirus has created for the producers, processors and workers of America's meat industry

Slaughterhouses are being ordered by the president to continue operating even though thousands of workers have tested positive for COVID-19. Reduced demand has forced some hog producers to take drastic measures.

Segment 2, beginning 26:00: Being the sole occupant of your home doesn't mean being alone or lonely.

While some may be wondering how long they can quarantine with others — 24/7 under the same roof — those who live alone are now devoid of having friends and family in their usual social spaces. We hear advice for getting through the pandemic shutdown while flying solo.

Segment 3, beginning at 43:05: Can Kansas City craft breweries hang on?

The current shutdown has made it tough for breweries to keep their heads above water. So what are they doing to keep their businesses going until they can open to the public once again?

Segment 4, beginning at 52:20: Kansas City high school junior starts his day with a life-changing announcement

A Grandview High School student and athlete had no clue what awaited him outside his apartment on the first day of May.

We want to hear what’s helping you get through these tough times.

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