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Seniors & Social Isolation | Missouri Legislature Wrap-Up | Masks As Art | Weekly Balloon Parade

Two photos. One is a selfie of an healthcare worker wearing protective gear next to the portrait artist Dylan Mortimer created from the photo.
Dylan Mortimer
When sharing the masked selfie sent to him by an essential healthcare worker side-by-side with the glittery portrait he created, Dylan Mortimer wrote, "I feel like these are war portraits right now."

Segment 1, beginning at 6:22: Seniors citizens can get cut off from family and routine under quarantine.

One of the groups taking extra precautions during the coronavirus pandemic are people over the age of 65. But for older adults living alone at home, there is an increased risk of social isolation.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:15: Highlights of lawmakers' work as the Missouri legislative session comes to a close

Although state legislators have been meeting remotely as part of staying home for the COVID-19, they gathered in Jefferson City for the last week of the session. Hear a review of the actions taken on Clean Missouri, the state budget and a prescription drug monitoring.

Segment 3, beginning at 41:40: A Kansas City artist takes the new normal of wearing face masks as inspiration for his latest series.

Kansas City Art Institute graduate Dylan Mortimer has had the respiratory condition cystic fibrosis all his life. He used his years of wearing face masks as inspiration for a portrait series called "Masked Like Me."

Segment 4, beginning at 51:56: Kansas City's multicolored, balloon-clad, sequin-infused, socially-distant parade
Every Sunday evening a Kansas City performance artist leads a unique parade through one Kansas City neighborhood.

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