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Medicaid Expansion Back On | WYCO Candidate David Alvey | Ranking Past Presidents

Celia Llopis-Jepsen
Kansas News Service
The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that a 2020 ballot initiative to expand Medicaid was not unconstitutional.

Missouri's Supreme Court rules in favor of Medicaid expansion, Kansas City, Kansas incumbent Mayor David Alvey states his case for reelection, and C-SPAN's presidential ranking produces surprising results.

Segment 1, beginning at 03:47: Missouri Supreme Court paves the way for Medicaid expansion by issuing judgement in favor of 2020 ballot initiative.

After voters passed an amendment to expand Medicare in August 2020, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of the initiative. Overturning a lower court's ruling, the Court stated that the 2020 ballot provision did not violate state law. This decision will allow around 275,000 individuals to become eligible for health coverage.

Segment 2, beginning at 15:49: Citizens in Kansas City, Kansas, and Wyandotte County will decide many competitive races in the August 3 primary election, including mayor.

Incumbent Mayor David Alvey makes his case for why he deserves another term. "I would point to, frankly, my leadership during COVID," Alvey says. "What we did is really empowered our public heath department to do the hard work of following the virus, teaching us about it, [and] recommending and putting in place measures that would protect our citizens."

  • David Alvey, incumbent mayor of Kansas City, Kansas

Segment 3, beginning at 30:02: The departure of President Trump from the White House has made him eligible for C-SPAN's presidential rankings and some are questioning how he placed.

Donald Trump placed 41 out of 44 presidents in the 2021 ranking. The top three have stayed the same since 2009 and George W. Bush rose four spots. What's behind the rise and fall of these historic figures and how do you judge a presidency less than a year after it ended?

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