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Updated Sept. 14, 2018, with court ruling — The wide-ranging initiative petition that would change how Missouri draws its legislative districts and effectively ban lobbyist gifts won't be on the Nov. 6 ballot, a judge ruled Friday.

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Segment 1: New Kansas City Public Schools sub-district map creates controversy. 

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Drawing voting districts to favor one party or another, a process known as gerrymandering, is widely considered a key factor behind the country's intensely partisan climate. Today, we discuss the practice of "packing and cracking" in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's announcement this week to take up the issue.

The Kansas Secretary of State officially brought a chaotic filing period to an end today at noon.

Political candidates rush to get their names on the primary ballot in Kansas, and construction starts on Interstate 70 this week.  It’s a daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

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The beleaguered National Bio and Agro-Defense facility could face yet more challenges as a result of new congressional parameters released today by a three-judge panel.

A three-judge panel set new electoral maps for Kansas' congressional, state House, state Senate and Board of Education districts in a ruling last night, according to the Kansas City Star / AP.  

Last week, the Kansas legislature adjourned after a tumultuous year.  Lawmakers passed Gov. Sam Brownback's dramatic tax cut plan, which could reduce the state budget by more than $2 billion over the next five years. 

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Congressional representatives are back in their districts for a work session, which gives Up to Date the perfect opportunity to catch up with U.S. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO-5) and Kevin Yoder (R, KS-3).

Redistricting maps in Kansas could be decided in the federal courts.  The Missouri Senate passes a tax credit Bill.  It’s a daily digest of headlines form KCUR.

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Kansas lawmakers have failed to make much progress this session on drawing new legislative and congressional district maps.

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A committee in the Kansas Senate is proposing a constitutional amendment that would change the redistricting process. The amendment would create a commission that would draw redistricting maps.

Hiding big political donations is easy in Missouri.  A Republican lawmaker comes out. Kansas House members kill a Senate redistricting map.  It’s a daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

Missouri Supreme Court Hears House Redistricting Suit, Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant Remains Offline & more: A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

A daily digest of headlines from KCUR:
Redistricting Agreement For Missouri Senate Reached, Council Delays Decision On Anti-Nuke Initiatives & more top headlines.

A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

A Kansas Senate committee has approved a map that reconfigures the state's congressional districts.

Three decisions from the Missouri Supreme Court today leave the state in Congressional redistricting limbo. Two of the rulings say lower court decisions rejecting suits over the boundaries two districts were wrong and the suits must be considered. The two districts were Representative Emanuel Cleaver's 5th Distrct and one in eastern Missouri.

A daily digest of headlines from KCUR:

  • Missouri Supreme Court Hears Redistricting Lawsuits
  • Brownback’s Budget Proposal Restores Some Arts Funding
  • New Play Tackles Bullying and Disability

A delay in the Kansas City schools transfer case, a start to Kansas lawmakers' redistricting effort, a new head coach for the Chiefs & more: A daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

The Chiefs Pick Romeo Crennel As Head Coach

Council Approves Redistricting Map, Tax Breaks

Dec 9, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri has a new council district map. The full city council has approved the map recommended by a citizens' redistricting commission without further revisions.

Some neighborhoods in south Kansas City were unhappy that the citizens commission's map split them up. But only councilman John Sharp proposed revisions. He would have kept Bannister Mall and the South Patrol station in the 6th District.

City Council Endorses Redistricting Map

Oct 7, 2010

A redistricting plan has been approved by the Kansas City, Missouri city council.

The changes in council district boundary lines are in most cases very slight. But large enough to produce more than three hours of discussion and debate on the two final maps at City Hall today.

Tthe map finally adopted splits the Brookside-Waldo area at 75th street, moves a two-block strip along Troost into the fifth district, and still splits the Hickman Mills-Ruskin area.

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City Missouri's redistricting committee members decided they will choose two maps to present to the city council in its final meeting tomorrow. Yesterday's meeting brought out strong support for keeping some district boundaries intact.

Kansas City, MO – The latest battle raging in Kansas City's council chambers has been over district boundaries. According to the charter, the city is supposed to re-draw the district map after every three general elections, which means about every 12 years, or whenever the population shifts dramatically. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross and Steve Bell talk about what's at stake.

Council Overrides Redistricting Veto

Sep 3, 2010
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Kansas City, MO – The mayor's veto did not stand. The Kansas City city council voted yesterday to put a measure changing the city's redistricting schedule on the November ballot.

Northland members and the mayor who had opposed moving now to tie the redistricting schedule to the release of census data argued that the council was rushing to enact something that wouldn't make any difference for twenty years... and could undermine efforts to renew the public safety sales tax.

Council Moves for Redistricting "Plan B"

Aug 27, 2010
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Kansas City, MO – Mayor Mark Funkhouser came out on the losing side of two significant council votes yesterday.

The first defeat for the mayor was the override of his veto of the council's renewing the appointment of the chairman of the Port Authority, which the mayor has said needs more of an "international flavor."

Then the mayor voted with the four Northland council members on a move to send a charter amendment to voters that could delay redrawing council district boundaries if the council deadlocks on the issue.

Council Moves to Delay Redistricting

Aug 19, 2010
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Kansas City, MO – The newly appointed panel charged with recommending a redistricting plan for Kansas City, Missouri held a lengthy first meeting yesterday, but it's possible the real decision making won't start until April.

The city charter mandates that redistricting be in place by the March election, but that would require a second effort after new census data is released, probably in April.

Kansas City, MO –

Council Slows Redistricting Pace

Jul 23, 2010
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The Kansas City, Missouri City Council put the brakes on its last minute rush to redistricting Thursday.

Cathy Jolly spoke for the majority of the council early in the first public hearing on charter-mandated redistricting when she said: "I really believe that it's quite ridiculous, to be honest with you, that we are sitting here today at the last minute telling the public to come down here and put something together with an election looming."

Redistricting Planning Prompts Council Clash

Jul 16, 2010
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Kansas City, MO – A necessary redistricting sparked a contentious hour-long argument in Kansas City's city council Thursday.

Population changes in the 12 years since Kansas City's council districts were redrawn require shrinking the growing northland districts and expanding the third district.