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Seg. 1: KCMO Manager Schulte | Seg. 2: Johnson County Microtransit

Segment 1: Schulte talks of the progress and set-backs Kansas City faced during his term as city manager.

Troy Schulte's 10-year term as manager of Kansas City, Missouri, will in a few months come to a close. He said one of the hardest things about his job was finding a balance in handling pressing crises and working toward long-term goals. Schulte talked about things he's proud of, like the new airport terminal design, which is set to acheive net-zero carbon emissions. He also spoke of critical issues, like the overcrowding in city jails.

Segment 2, starting at 28:16: Public transportation ridership up 25% with new microtransit in Johnson County key corridors.

Johnson County implemented a microtransit pilot program in January, and county officials are pleasantly surpised with the community response. With the new service, riders are able to use their smart phones to request a van to pick them up, kind of like Uber or Lyft.  Kansas City Area Transportation Authority's Jameson Auten said a lot of patrons will use the microtransit vans to get to nearby bus routes, which allow them to navigate a larger area.

When I host Up To Date each morning at 9, my aim is to engage the community in conversations about the Kansas City area’s challenges, hopes and opportunities. I try to ask the questions that listeners want answered about the day’s most pressing issues and provide a place for residents to engage directly with newsmakers. Reach me at steve@kcur.org or on Twitter @stevekraske.