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Paris Rex Norvell

Freelance producer

Paris Norvell is a freelance podcast producer for KCUR Studios, and a former summer 2022 intern.

Born in the age of the internet, I was quickly drawn to media arts and multimedia production as early as middle school and continue to hone my skills in music and audio production, video editing/documentary filmmaking, and graphic design. Currently, I am an assistant producer for PBS channel KMOS-TV, a hip hop enthusiast, a vinyl record and cassette collector, and an arts and culture admirer.

  • Rising up next to the Missouri Riverfront, the KC Current stadium will be the first in the world specifically for professional woman’s soccer. After it opens next year, the team's new owners also hope it will help change the game as a whole.
  • Poor classroom behavior is pushing some teachers out of the profession. The Missouri state education department wants to implement learning standards that include self-awareness, respect and empathy.
  • Big wildfires have long been associated with forested areas. But in recent decades, they’ve become increasingly common on the Great Plains. Plus: Lawmakers are negotiating a new Farm Bill this year, including a program that's supposed to be a buffer against years when crop prices are low — but that many farmers say would barely cover their costs.
  • Students at Missouri’s Truman State University can now earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in cannabis — and Truman isn’t the only academic institution teaching about weed.
  • Three major Democratic candidates are seeking to take on U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, and there’s debate over whether having a primary is helpful or hurtful for Democrats’ 2024 chances. Plus: As the Kansas City Royals finish the regular season with one of the worst records in baseball, fans are more worried about what they’ll lose if and when the team leaves Kauffman Stadium.
  • Currently 253 people are in Missouri jails who haven't been convicted of a crime, still waiting to be transferred to a state hospital for mental health treatment. Those patients are supposed to receive rehabilitative mental health services that allow them to become competent to stand trial, but instead they're languishing behind bars — often in solitary confinement.
  • Kansas City is on track to break its homicide record this year, and a rise in gun violence has caused another disturbing trend: Hundreds of people every year are shot and survive. They're often left with severe physical and mental injuries. Plus: Kansas City and other places in the Midwest are slow to embrace composting.
  • A GM plant in Wentzville, Missouri, was one of the first units of United Auto Workers to go on strike. After the layoffs of 2,000 workers at the Fairfax GM plant in Kansas City, Kansas, the union is only escalating its efforts.
  • After two Jackson County officials were sentenced for wire fraud in 2018, the FBI and Justice Department said they were running an “active investigation” in at least two jurisdictions. What's happened since then? Plus: Homicide is a leading cause of maternal mortality, and experts say the problem is getting worse.
  • In October, Evergy will force customers to choose between new electricity plans that implement time-of-use pricing, which places a premium on electricity prices at times of high demand. Under the default plan, power used from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in summer months will cost four times more than other hours.