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Nazi Rally Drowned Out By Hundreds Of Protesters

Nov 10, 2013

The National Socialist Movement rallied against immigration reform in Kansas City Saturday opposite hundreds of protesters.
Credit Laura Ziegler / KCUR

The National Socialist Movement (NSM), a political outgrowth of the American Nazi Party, brought around 50 members to Kansas City, Mo., Saturday for an anti-immigrant rally on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse.

Across 12th Street, counter protestors outnumbered the neo-Nazis more than 10 to one. An accurate count was difficult as protestors lined Oak and Locust north of the protest site.

Andres Dominguez said he came out to oppose the Nazi’s anti-immigration rally because he hears an increasing local, anti-immigration voice.

“Let’s face it, immigration is a hot topic in (our) legislatures, and we have had individuals who’ve made statements that are often as outlandish as the Nazis that are gathering here today,” Dominguez said.

NSM members came from across the Midwest for the rally. The organizations Commander, Jeff Schoep, a businessman from Detroit dressed in a striped suit and tie, said the white nationalist organization believes the United States needs to close the borders immediately, bring all troops home from foreign lands, and immediately deport all illegal immigrants.

Schoep says the organization came to rally in Kansas City to support a growing membership.

“Nobody is standing up to illegal immigration. We have a lot of people coming to us for that reason… we want to increase our ranks,” Schoep said.

Police reported about 150 people gathered for a second counter protest at the Liberty Memorial. Civil and human rights organizations and Latino groups gathered away from the Nazis to try and bring the focus off hate rhetoric and confrontation and toward a more constructive dialogue.