Three Arrested After Teen Found Chained In Basement | KCUR

Three Arrested After Teen Found Chained In Basement

Feb 11, 2013

There are no charges filed, but Kansas City Police have arrested three people connected to discovery last week of a teenager handcuffed in a Northland basement.

Officials are very quiet about details at this stage.

Names, gender, ages of those arrested are not public record and will not be until, and if, charges are filed.

The 17-year-old victim found cuffed to a pole lived at a townhouse with his father and stepmother.

A neighbor called an abuse hotline last Monday when she  worried about the boy, not seeing him for weeks. He has been described by neighbors around the Northland townhouses as “childlike.”

Police and paramedics arrived to find the young man curled up on the concrete floor. He allegedly told them he’d been kept there since last September, occasionally freed to use the bathroom and eat ramen noodles or bologna sandwiches.

Police had described the youth as appearing desperate and very thin.

The investigative file passed muster for police to pass it on to the office of Clay County Prosecutor Dan White.

A judge last week  directed the 17-year-old be taken under foster care at least until a hearing scheduled for March.