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Abortion Lawsuit, Sprint Deal, Gordon Parks School

Jul 1, 2013

Planned Parenthood Sues Kan. Over Free Speech Violation

This month, two different lawsuits were filed in Kansas over a new state abortion law. But the lawsuit that Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri filed on June 20 isn’t about the freedom to perform abortions. It’s about freedom of speech. 

4 Things You Should Know About The Sprint-SoftBank Deal

There is big news this week for Kansas City’s Sprint-Nextel Corporation. After months of deliberation, Sprint shareholders voted to give 78 percent of the company to the Japanese wireless communications company SoftBank – it was a $21.6 billion deal.  With a combined customer base of 95 million subscribers, industry watchers say that together, Sprint and SoftBank will be better able to compete with Verizon and AT&T.  What will this deal mean to the Kansas City economy? And what can Sprint employees and wireless subscribers expect? 

KC Charter School Faces Closure, Families Fight Back

Credit Payne Roberts / KCUR

Fifth grade graduation at Gordon Parks Elementary school this week was an especially emotional event. The 13-year old charter school was founded to serve some of the most disadvantaged kids in the Kansas City area, but the school has some of the lowest scores of any public or charter school in Kansas City, Mo.  Although the University of Central Missouri, the school’s sponsor, believed it was making progress towards meeting state standards, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education decided not to renew the school’s charter for next year.  

Jazz Singer Deborah Brown's New CD And International Attention

Kansas City-based singer Deborah Brown says her recent CD, All Too Soon, explores the hidden gems of jazz songs. Like most of her music, the disc delivers a no-nonsense but somehow romantic sound to fans of classic, swinging jazz. For much of her career, the singer has found those classic jazz fans at nightclubs, concerts and festivals in Europe.  She’s spent the last couple of decades living and teaching off and on in Europe, and she also performs regularly in Russia. 

Trouble In The Grass

Feeding cattle on grass is supposed to help the animals thrive. But Missouri’s most popular grass for feeding cattle may be doing more harm than good.