Handgun Found At Mo. Capitol Stirs Gun Control Debate | KCUR

Handgun Found At Mo. Capitol Stirs Gun Control Debate

Sep 25, 2013

There could be an effort next year to change the law allowing Missouri lawmakers and others to carry guns at the State Capitol.

A loaded handgun was found by police in the basement of the Capitol last week. It had been left in a men's bathroom on top of a toilet paper dispenser. Police discovered that it belonged to a staff member of Republican House Speaker Tim Jones, and that the staffer does have a conceal-carry permit. Jacob Hummel, the top Democrat in the Missouri House, says only law enforcement officers should be allowed to carry arms at the State Capitol.

"We're just lucky that no one was hurt," Hummel said. "I think it's just another case of legislators thinking they're above the law. There’s no reason whatsoever why we should be any different than any other state employee in any other state building."

A state law passed in 2011 allows Missouri elected officials and their employees to carry firearms inside the State Capitol if they have a conceal-carry endorsement.