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Meet The People Updating The 109-Year-Old Kansas City Museum For A 21st Century Future

For generations of school kids who rode buses to the Kansas City Museum , the most memorable part of the field trip, at least up until the early 1980s, might have been the full-sized igloo — you could climb in and out of it. That igloo was less relevant to local history, however, than the 1910-style soda fountain, which served ice cream and phosphates, or the carriage house annex filled with dioramas of taxidermied animals. But the school field trips eventually dropped off, along with other...

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A New Longview

Sep 11, 2002

Lee's Summit – Longview Farm was built for Kansas City lumber baron R.A. Long before World War I. Developer David Gale would preserve some of the old buildings as part of his planned commercial-residential community development. Preservationists say it's probably now or never. But will the development look wonderful now, but cause a traffic problem later?

Grandparents As Parents

Sep 11, 2002

Kansas City, MO – Kids in the US today are 30% more likely to be raised by their grandparents than they were 10 years ago. KCUR's Ashley Powell reports on the growing trend and it's effect on grandparents, grandchildren and lawmakers alike.

A Gallup poll reveals 40 percent of Americans expressed some fear of a terrorist attack, and minorities were almost three times as likely to be very worried about an attack.

But now, KCUR's Frank Morris found - from the conservative white farming area to almost exclusively minority neighborhoods - people are now largely unafraid of terrorism, though for largely different reasons.

Mayberry In Seattle?

Sep 10, 2002

KANSAS CITY – After a series in Kansas City over the weekend, time is running out on the Seattle Mariners. Not only in their hopes of winning the American League West, but of locking up a top prospect from Kansas City to a contract. KCUR's Greg Echlin explains...

Kansas City – Though Americans were being told to get back to normal after 9-11, there weren't many clues how to do that. Nearly a year later, in a Kansas City comedy club, KCUR's Steve Walker finds that it may be OK to laugh again.

Challenges Of Student Reservists

Sep 9, 2002

KANSAS CITY – Since September the 11th, almost 35,000 Americans have left normal jobs and donned military uniforms as reservists. A full one-third of them, 12 thousand troops, are college students. For these students, serving in the reserve comes with an added sacrifice. KCUR's Matt Hackworth reports there's no federal law to protect students from penalties if they're called up to serve in the reserves

Though Americans were being told to get back to normal after 9-11, there weren't many clues how to do that. Nearly a year later, in a Kansas City comedy club, KCUR's Steve Walker finds that it may be OK to laugh again.

Deanna Dikeman

Missouri Artist Deanna Dikeman's photograph "Leaving and Waving" depicts an elderly couple, her parents, standing in a driveway waving goodbye. It's part of a new exhibit in Kansas City called Big and Beautiful.

Kansas City, Missouri – A new exhibit at the H and R Block Artspace called Big and Beautiful features the work of national and regional women artists. As KCUR?s Laura Spencer reports, a new Project Wall on the outside of the gallery reflects the themes inside the exhibit.

Kansas City, MO – KCUR's Morning Edition host Jeremy Cate moved away from Kansas City recently to take a new job as program director at KDLG in Dillingham, Alaska - - the sockeye salmon capital of the world. Read about his latest adventure.

TOPEKA – Tim Shallenburger, the Republican candidate for governor in Kansas, will try to heal the split in his party when he meets today with incumbent Governor Bill Graves. Shallenburger, a conservative, hopes to get the endorsement of Graves, who's from the moderate wing of the party. Meanwhile, Democrat Kathleen Sebelius is working hard to attract moderate Republicans to her campaign, and many are already pledging their support. Kansas Public Radio's Peter Hancock has this report.


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New Wall At Nelson-Atkins Museum Was Built To Walk

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